Cirrhosis of Liver Treatment
Liver Cirrhosis Treatment
Liver Treatment
Chemical Analysis Published in Journal "TOHO" 1994 page 136

Savliv Drops

Kaushal Kumar, Vinod Upadhyay
"Savitri Pharmacueticals” no longer existed . However one of its erstwhile partner had floated & started a new company naming it as “HARSHUL AYUR PHARMA” in the year 2006, which has been granted a license to manufacture ayurvedic medicine/drugs. "
Chemistry of Traditional Recipes Used in Hepatic Disorders
Result & Discussion
In developing countries contaminated food, water, unsanitary enviro-nment and unhygienic manner of living due to illiteracy, consumption of alcohol etc. are some of the main causes of liver ailments. These ailments include Jaundice, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis of liver which results into anorexia, mild fever, nausea and vomiting, oedema on foot, pruritus, debility, anaemia and constipation (1). There are a large number of drugs which are mentioned for providing relief in different liver disorders, while it is certain that modern drugs are inadequate in this area. However, traditional systems have the possibility of offering new drugs. While looking for some new leads for useful drugs for various kind of liver ailments, the attention of ours was drawn to the ealy results of herbo-mineral formulation for liver disorders, prompted us to undertake the present study. The Traditional recipe shows that powerful activity was present to correct and cure various liver ailments. It was in use in Nainital District of India, since long time and almost same type of ingredients were included in the proprietary medicine “savliv” manufactured by Savitri Pharmaceuticals, Ramnagar Nainital, India.

The Traditional herbomineral recipe is a fast acting powerful hepatic stimulant. It increases the functional capacity of the liver, accelerates cellular metabolic activity and promotes regeneration. It has been reported (manuscript 1987) to bring remarkable improvement in appetite within 15-30 minutes of its administration, gain in body weight and enhanced feeling of well being in the management of malnutrition. The traditional drug is used as corrective and curative for enlarged and fatty liver.

The ingredients mentioned [Citrus medica (aurantifolia) fruit juice, Sarjika, Cypraea moneta (Varat)] in traditional recipe are not new, These are in use since the days of Charka and Susruta (2000 B.C.) and have been found to be as efficacious as these occurring in the ancient treatises “Cankha Bati” (2) (an official preparation) and many other formulations. Pills of “Cankha Bati” reported to cure loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal dropsy, intestinal worms, mucus cough, asthama, consumption of excited wind, sour bile and other ailments, it enkindles the digestive fire. Sidha system of medicine is very particular about the use of conch. The sacred conch occupies as important place in the lives of Hindus, being used in worship, conch are purified by immersing in the lime juice and then used for preparation of medicine. Only very limited study has been made on the traditional medicinal values of the Cypraea moneta (Varat) obtained from the Ocean (3).

The characteristic properties of the ingredients of traditional recipe are listed in Table 1.
Traditional name Of ingredient
Botanical Name Origin Origin Reported constituent Literatures Indication
1.Kanghzinimbu, (Lemon) Juice
Citrus medica (aurantifolia) Christm
Plant Citric acid (4) Phosphatidic Acid,Citrate Protein, Fat Carbohydrate (5)
Refrig., appetizer, antiseptic, stomachic antiscorbutic, in bilious vomiting (6)
2. Sarjika
Salsola Kali, Linn. (14)
Fagonia Cretica Linn (15)
Barilia (Eng)
Plant Sodium bicaronate, carbonate, Sulphate and Potassium (7)
Cholagogues (8) Treatment of malfunctions of the liver (9)
3.Varat (Kapard)
Cypraea moneta
Ocean Cal. Carbonate, Phosphate, Chloride, Mag. Phosphate, Sodium chloride Etc. (10)
Ash Jaundice (Kamala), Jeerana, fever, Visham fever (11)

Patient Reports of Diseases relieved by Savliv Drops
Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis Due to Alcohol
Hepatitis Viral or Non Viral
Booster in Gaining Body Weight
Savliv Drops
Chemical Analysis (Published
TOHO 1994 page136)
Clinical Trial of Savliv Drop in Liver diseases and allied disorders
Patients Report of Savliv Drops
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