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Srikumarganga Says:

31 May, 2014

From Sreekumar Ganga
Dear Mr. Vimal Kumar,

I have no words to express my happiness over the result after 10 days treatment of Savliv Drops.

I am a Liver Cirrhotic patient (Jaundice) since one year. Left alchohol completely for the last one year.

I had taken two bottles of Savliv. Before taking the medicine my reading was Bilirubin 1.45mg SGPT 37 and SGOT 35 now the reading is 0.7mg 17mg and 15mg respectevely. But scanning has to be done for further results. Now I am waiting for another twelve bottles of savliv with a lot of hope.

When I started taking the drops I felt as it is like a lime juice mix and was suspicious of its effects. But I realized now that it has effects certainly but only after scanning I would say about it more. Anyway I am happy for the 10 days of treatment.

Thanking You
Sreekumar Ganga
Alappuzha, Kerala

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