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Ascites Treatment

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Ascites is fluied storage in the body, i.e fluid between the lining of abdomen and abdominal organ. when ASCITES occur, the symptom include shortness of breath, swelling in legs and other body parts, heart burn, difficulty in breathing etc etc. SAVLIV DROP has great response in Ascites problem, with its anti-oxidents property it will work faster than any other allopathic medicine.  Our Herbal Medicine SAVLIV response is magical. patient who can suffer from Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Alcoholic Liver disease has more chance to have ascites in their future. 

The most common cause of Ascites is Liver Disease. Ascites tends to occur in  chronic rather than in acute liver disorders.

If you were Alcoholic than beware you also have Ascites or fluid build up in your body. Small amount of fluid in abdomen have no symptoms, moderate amount will increase the waist size and weight gain and massive amount may cause abdominal swelling and the naval been flat or pushed out. In some cases Ascites cause Edema. Feel free to call us if you find any kind of symptoms of Ascites and Liver disease. You can read the testimonial for patients which is enclosed here at testimonial corner. 

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