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Harshul Ayur Pharma is a well-known organization dealing in the herbo mineral products and formulations. Based in Ramnagar (Nainital), we are the pioneer drug manufacturer of a traditional recipe. We have highly effective medicines for the treatment of Ascites. It is a condition in which fluid gets stored in the body, specifically in between the abdomen and abdominal organ. This condition arises due to liver damage. And, the symptoms include swelling in legs and other parts of the body, abdominal pain, sudden weight gain, nausea, vomiting, etc.


We, Harshul Ayur Pharma, have developed an herbal medicine for the treatment of Ascites. Our medicine named Savliv Drops is formulated using quality ingredients such as citrus medica, sarjl, and batari. It is used along with other doctor’s recommended treatments while taking some extra diatery precautions. You need to continue the normal allopathic treatment at the initial stages. After getting some improvement in your condition, you can purely rely on Savliv Drops and dietary precautions. 

Fore more details call us at +91-9837057416.

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