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Cirrhosis Treatment

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Harshul Ayur Pharma is a Ramnagar (Nainital) based organization that is offering herbal medicines for the treatment of cirrhosis. It is a liver disease that is slowly progressive. In this, healthy tissues are replaced with the scar tissues. However, the symptoms of cirrhosis are not diagnosed at the earlier stages but the usual symptoms are indigestion, acidity, hepatitis, liver problem, an abnormal range of liver function test, etc.


We have formulated an herbal medicine for the treatment of Cirrhosis. The medicine is named Savliv Drop. It helps in treating the patient suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. As this medicine is prepared from herbal ingredients, it has zero side effects. Our medicine is a pure herbal formulation that helps in treating liver disease. Moreover, you need to add healthy food to your diet. Eat leafy green vegetables & digestive food, drink plenty of water, perform exercise on a daily basis, etc., to keep yourself healthy.

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