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Ascites- Ascites is a fluid in the space between the lining of the abdomen and the abdominal organ.

Symptoms- 1- Abdominal Pain, Shortness of Breath, Sudden weight gain, lack of apetite, Nausia and vomiting, abdominal swelling, leg swelling etc.

Diagnosis- It  takes multiple steps. Doctor will first check for swelling in your abdomen. The abdominal imaging might be used  including an ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI. Blood tests, laparoscopy, and angiography  to diagnose ascites.

Treatment- Along with the doctor's recommended diuretics parasynthesis or surgery related treatments ayurvedic medicine Savliv Drops can be used while taking the diatery precautions. This drop has shown results on many patients and proved to be highly effective. But it is strictly advisable not to leave normal allopathic treatment in the initial stages of treatment. After the improvement reflects, you may also depend purely on Savliv Drops and diatery precautions under the super vision of your medical consultent.