Blog- A Story of a Six months old baby girl, who was suffering from “Cirrhosis of Liver”.

This is one of my client’s story, which is very close to my heart and hence I would like to share it with you all.
The story is about a six month’s tiny baby girl, who was suffering from “Cirrhosis of Liver” disease due to hyper billirudinia.

Her family came to know about the disease only after getting the liver biopsy test conducted & detection that she was suffering severely from cirrhosis of liver after another six months.
As it’s for anyone it was shocking news for the family. Her father immediately started making enquiries and contacting with each and every renowned doctors of all the prestigious medicalcollages and hospitals of Delhi. It was very distressing for her father that he was not getting any satisfactory and positive response from any physician doctors for her daughter’s well being.
Finally after a long research and clicking on internet portal for any medical clue came to know about Harshul Ayur Parma’s herbomineral formulation drug “SAVLIV DROPS”.
The girl’s father immediately rung me up and briefed about baby girl’s ailing condition. The every word of conversation with her father, Mr. Amrendra Anand is still echoing in my ear.
Completely assured and trusting, he placed order for our herbomineral drug “SAVLIV DROPS” and after a few days of dispensation of the drug therapy, positive results getting visible and the baby girl felt immense relief in her itching problem gradually her billirubin level started coming down. By the time she also started walking and above all her health started showing sign of improvement constantly. Now she is two and half years “SAVLIV BABY”.
We are really thankful to the almighty’s profuse blessings and good wishes of all of you for your faith and trust, which provide an extra encouragement and zeal to continue, further our innovative research programs.
Such stories give an extra zeal, an encouragement and a spirit of inspiration to our venture.
Further, we urge and request to all of you, please share and send us your feedback about “SAVLIV DROPS”.

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