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Hep-C Treatment

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The Hep-C virus infects the liver of a person. In general, it causes the infection and inflammation in the liver. This virus does not show any symptoms at an early stage. When the infection reaches the later stages, symptoms like indigestion, acidity, fatty liver, jaundice, and other liver problems arise. For the safe treatment of Hep-C, we, Harshul Ayur Pharma, have discovered an herbal medicine, named savliv drops. With the help of our medicine, the HEP-C Treatment becomes successful without causing any further harm to the patient. This medicine helps in treating the patient naturally.



The liver plays an important role in a human body. If it gets infected with any disease then the outcome is dangerous as the liver diseases have no symptoms at early stages. The symptoms of liver damage include abnormal SGPT/SGOT, Creatinine level, Billurubin level, and others. Intake of savliv drops boosts your immune system, metabolism, and liver as it contains free radicals of oxygen, antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, etc. This medicine is carefully formulated by our team of doctors to cure the liver problems.

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