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Due to a number of genetic problems and environmental factors, a person can feel recurrent headaches that can be from moderate headaches to severe ones. These recurrent headaches are due to the primary headache disorder called Migraine. A person suffering from Migraine can experience severe pulsating sensation on one half of the head that can continue from an hour to more than 72 hours. There are various symptoms that are accompanied with Migraine headache like vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to sound & light.


Majority of the people suffering from Migraine can easily identify the factors that lead to this headache. Some of the triggers that may cause a Migraine attack can be excessive physical exercise, emotional triggers, hormonal changes, medications, environmental triggers etc. There are a number of ways in which a person can prevent Migraine attacks. Some of these could be taking less stress, doing regular physical exercises, getting enough sleep, and drinking a lot of water. Harshul Ayur Pharma, based in Ramnagar (Nainital), is a trusted name in the field of herbal treatment for Migraine. We have various herbal and Ayurvedic medicines that can help in the complete treatment of Migraine to ensure that the patients of Migraine never experience any Migraine attack again.

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