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Savliv Drops

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Savliv Drops

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Savliv" is a traditional recipe of herbomineral formulation which is highly effective. Clinical trials of the drug formulation have given wonderful results in providing long-term relief from liver diseases like Liver Cirrhosis/Cirrhosis of Liver, Ascites, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Jaundice etc. Appreciable results have been noticed in liver cirrhosis caused due to infection of hepatic viruses and also in alcoholic disorders. Besides being an effective herbal medicine for liver diseases, it is also an amazing appetizer, which increases one's appetite within 30 to 35 minutes after administration of this drug administration. 

Savliv Drops is highly effective in providing relief from the following diseases:-

(a) Liver Cirrhosis.
(b) Alchoholic Liver Disorder.
(c) Ascites.
(d) Anemia
(e) Marasmus – Infants / Children disease.

(f) Fatty Liver, Jaundice, Hepatitis etc etc.


In addition to the above narrated diseases, Savliv Drops is very

effective in severa and other ailments pertaining to indigestion, loss of appetite, hyper – acidity, calcium deficiency, weight loss etc. etc. The administration of Savliv Drops itself works as magic and gives wonder results within a short duration.


The liver plays a vital role in the metabolic activity of the human body. It has numerous functions e.g. manufacture and secretion of bile, maintenance of blood sugar level, regulation of protein and fat metabolism, formation of ketone bodies and plasma proteins, detoxication, Erythropoiesis etc. It is obvious from nature of the diverse functions that the diseases of the liver are bound to have an adverse effect on the entire system.


In developing countries malnutrition, contaminated food and water resulting in ameoebiasis, unsanitary environment and unhygienic manner of living due to illiteracy, consumption of alcohol etc. are some of the main causes of liver ailments. Those ailments include Jaundice, Hepatitis. Cirrhosis of liver which results into anorexia, mild fever, nausea and vomiting, oedema on foot, Pruritus, Debility, Anaemia and Constipation. Since our resources are somewhat limited, we need indigenous medicines free from undesirable side effects and using simpler technologies than that being utilized by the multinational drug industry, to serve our needs in the field of human health-care. An effective medicine prepared from natural ingredients should therefore find a high level of acceptance from patients in treatment of liver diseases.

8 Drops in the Morning Empty stomach and 8 Drops in the evening half an hour before dinner with half cup of Normal Water.

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