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Savliv Drops

Product Code : 123-2

Price : Rs.6,000.00


Hepatitis C is a disease that causes inflammation and infection in the liver. This condition develops after being infected with the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). There are two forms of hepatitis C: acute and chronic. HARSHUL AYUR PHARMA treat the patient of Hep C with SAVLIV DROPS, which is herbal medicine.

Acute hepatitis C causes symptoms to set in quick, whereas chronic hepatitis C develops over a period of months or years, so symptoms may not be shown at first. Unlike hepatitis A and B, hepatitis C has no vaccination, although efforts to create one are ongoing. Hepatitis C is highly contagious, which is why such a high number of people have the disease. SAVLIV DROPS is really helpful for the patient of HEP-C virus even in all kind of HEPATATIS such as A, B, C, E etc. This medicine work naturally to treat the virus and lower the risk of liver disease.

Each 10 ml. of “Savliv Drop” consists of the following ingredients



Citrus medica
16 mg.
18 mg.

Dose : 8 drops of medicine with half cup of normal water empty stomach in the morning and same dose in evening 1/2 an hour before dinner.

For Infants and new born 1 drop mix with 1 tea-spoon water and give half tea-spoon to infant.

The medicine was administered with or without water depending upon the patients response to the limey taste of the medicine.