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Portal hypertension is an increase in the blood pressure within a system of veins called the portal venous system. Veins coming from the stomach, intestine, spleen, and pancreas merge into the portal vein, which branches into smaller vessels and travels through the liver. If the vessels in the liver are blocked due to liver damage or liver disease, blood cannot flow properly through the liver. As a result, high pressure in the portal system occur. This increased pressure in the vein may lead to the development of large, swollen veins (varices) within the esophagus, stomach, rectum, or umbilical area (belly button). Varices can rupture and bleed, resulting in potentially life-threatening complications. People often think that portal vein ring is the cure for portal hypertension but this is a myth, it just a relief not a cure. SAVLIV DROPS lower the pressure of portal veins naturally. Our medicine is a herbal treatment for liver patients. Kindly visit

Each 10 ml. of “Savliv Drop” consists of the following ingredients



Citrus medica
16 mg.
18 mg.

Dose : ¼ Teaspoonful for infants & children upto 10 yrs.. Thrice times a day.
½ Teaspoonful to 1 teaspoonful for adults three times a day.

The medicine was administered with or without water depending upon the patients response to the limey taste of the medicine.