Ayuevedic Cough Syrup : SAVINYL SF

Nowadays, in the current scenario of the pandemic, the changing weather conditions, changes in the modern lifestyles and increase in pollution in the environment, cold and cough have become habitual complaints among people. This medical affliction affects the immune system of the patient to a great extent. Therefore, taking proper care during cough and cold becomes extremely important.

A trustworthy yet efficient remedy for curing cold and cough is necessary by the patients. However, the modern medicines available in the market are known to have certain side effects on the patients. Despite of providing instant relief to the people, they prove to be unsafe in the longer run. The normal medicines available in the market are known to cause dizziness, drowsiness and in some cases cause fatigue. Moreover, these medicines are not always a safe option for children.

Generally, people have immense trust on age old Ayurveda. Be it in the living practices, or medicines, people tend to have faith in Ayurveda. Harshul Ayur Pharma brings forth the consumers a trustworthy and efficient Ayurvedic cough syrup- SAVINYL SF, which is known to provide relief from all types of cough.

SAVINYL SF is an Ayurvedic and affordable syrup intended to provide relief from common cough and cold. It is a non-alcoholic, sugar free cough syrup. It is made up of natural herbs such as Gulbanafsha, Mulethi, Joopha, Lisoara, Unnab, Khatami, Amritafal leaf, Karpur, Ajwain and pudina, which are extremely beneficial during cough and cold. Owing to the fact that they are prepared from natural ingredients, they do not have any side effects on the patients.

In addition, this Ayurvedic and herbal syrup is known to boost up the immune system of the people. As the SAVINYL SF cough syrup is made up of herbal ingredients, it tastes quite different from the other cough syrups available in the market. It is also known for providing relief from soar and itchy throat and cure medical conditions such as viral cold, Tracheobronchitis etc.

To avail the benefits of the completely Ayurvedic cough syrup - SAVINYL SF, do get in touch with us.