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In developing countries contaminated food, water, unsanitary environment and unhygienic manner of living, due to illiteracy and consumption of alcohol are some of the causes of liver ailments. These ailments include Jaundice, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis of liver which result into anorexia, mild fever, nausea and vomiting, oedema on foot, pruritus, debility, anemia and constipation.

Today, a large number of drugs are available for providing relief in liver disorders, but it is certain that modern drugs are inadequate in the treatment. However, the traditional Indian Ayurvedic system has the possibility of offering reliable, effective and affordable options with no side effects on the human body.

SAVLIV, a traditional herbo-mineral recipe (invented by Late Shri Vimal Kumar), is a revolutionary invention in this category and a fast-acting powerful hepatic stimulant which increases the functional capacity of liver, accelerates cellular metabolic activity and promotes liver cells regeneration. A patented intellectual property, SAVLIV is supported by extensive research work with encouraging results. The details are as under:-


1. Research paper in Medical Journal of Toho University Japan. A research paper on SAVLIV by Dr Kaushal Kumar and Dr Vinod Upadhyay of Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar was published in medical Journal of Toho University, Japan in 1994. The highlights of the research work mentioned in the paper are as under:-


     (a) The chemical examination and lab findings revealed the presence of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Chloride, Sulphate, Iron and Citric            acid.

     (b) These minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body and form a constituent of all extracellular fluids, various digestive juices, inorganic salts          of     bile and tissues notable to the nerves, blood and muscles. An effective medicine prepared from natural sources, should therefore find high level of                 acceptance for patients of hepatic disorders.

     (c) The recipe has no risk of toxicity which is carried by the modern drugs to the human system. The herbal ingredients are safe like the milk and food,               easily available in the tropical countries from natural sources. The recipe will help :-

         (i) To keep electrolyte balance in dehydration.
         (ii) To safeguard the liver against toxicity of chemical based synthetic drugs.
         (iii) In anemia, jaundice due to its ingredients effective and essential in the disorder of Haemopoietic system.
         (iv) In Viral fever, Dengue fever (the recovery was very fast, probably it provides an impetus to the immune system of the body).
         (v) Due to its effect on promoting the immune system of the body, it may be an adjunct to the patients of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Cancer. 


2.The Preclinical Study (Scientific validation of safety, protective and curative efficacy of SAVLIV for Liver disorders) at Sri Ram Chandra University, Chennai. During year 2012-15, the Ministry of Science & Tech, Govt of India granted research funds to formally test the safety of SAVLIV in animal models. The research was carried out by Dr Sarvana Babu Chidambaram at Sri Ramchandra University, Chennai. Highlights of the research are as under:-

   (a) Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of phenolic compounds, tannins, glycosides, sugars, alkaloids and flavones in SAVLIV.
   (b) SAVLIV is/was:-
      (i) Found to contain Vitamin C (1.34±0.04 µg/ml) and Citric acid (6.4 ±0.54 µg/ml).
      (ii) Potent free radicals’ scavenger (determined using DPPH, super oxide, lipid peroxide, nitric oxide and H2O2 radical’s assays).
      (iii) Free from heavy metals such as lead [Pb], Cadmium [Cd], Mercury [Hg] and Arsenic [As].
      (iv) Tested for its safety in rat model and was found to be non-toxic at the tested concentrations when administered in male and female rats (1000 mg/kg,          p.o for 90 days). SAVLIV also found to protect liver against alcohol, drug (paracetamol) and chemical (carbon tetrachloride) induced toxicity.



3. Study on Hepatoprotective effect of SAVLIV (in Paracetamol, Ethanol and Methotrexate induced toxicity in Chang liver cells) at JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysuru. The exact molecular mechanism of liver protection effects of SAVLIV was also studied during year 2018-19, using drugs (paracetamol; methotrexate -anti-cancer) and alcohol induced liver damage using liver cells directly. The study was carried out by Dr Saravana Babu Chidambaram at JSS College of Phatmacy.





4. Special Achievement. The formulation with the brand name SAVLIV was patented as 'A Synergistic and Non-toxic combination for treating Liver Disorders' (Intellectual Property of India, Govt Of India Patent No - 355653) in the year 2017. Countrywide numerous patients suffering from liver disorders have been benefitted with this revolutionary invention.