HARSHUL AYUR PHARMA, a pioneer pharmaceutical company, dedicated towards the research and development of Ayurvedic medicines, was founded by late Shri Vimal Kumar. The company, erstwhile known as SAVITRI PHARMACEUTICALS was reformed in 2006 and is located at Ramnagar (District Nainital) in the state of Uttrakhand (India). As envisioned by its founding father Shri Vimal Kumar, the eandeavour of the company has been to provide authentic, effective and affordable treatment to the patients suffering from life-threatening diseases caused due to typical lifestyle of today. The products of the company are well researched, supported by modern scientific studies and have been testimonialized positively by numerous patients countrywide. Our mission, under the motherly supervision and care of Shrimati Sarita Agarwal (w/o late Shri Vimal Kumar), is to bring forward ancient Ayurvedic recipes with support of modern scientific research and serve the mankind by spreading effective health care through traditional medicinal system.


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