Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis

What is Cirrhosis of Liver

Liver cirrhosis is a medical condition where the healthy liver tissues are substituted by the scarred tissues, which prevent the liver to perform its normal functions in an efficient manner. Common symptoms of this medical complication include weight loss, fatigue, loss of normal appetite to severe symptoms such as jaundice, inflammatory skin, abnormal swelling of hands and feet, so on and so forth.

Liver cirrhosis prevents the liver from producing necessary proteins for the proper functioning of the body. This medical condition also restricts the liver to absorb the required nutrients and often blocks the normal blood flow in the liver.

Liver Cirrhosis is either caused due to inflammation in liver due to unhealthy dietary habits, excessive consumption of alcohol or prolonged viral infections caused in the liver. This is also caused due to certain inherited diseases, for instance, deficiency of Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, Wilson disease or excess of cystic fibrosis. Proper treatment of Liver Cirrhosis is necessary and ignoring this could be life threatening.

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