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Cirrhosis is a slowly progressive liver disease in which the healthy tissues get replaced with the scarred ones. This disease is not diagnosed at an early stage but the symptoms are indigestion, acidity, hepatitis, liver problem, and others. Owing to this disease, the liver becomes unable to function properly. The scar tissues block the blood flow through the liver and also slow down the processing of nutrients, naturally produced toxins, hormones, and drugs.


Anything that damages liver can cause cirrhosis. Fatty liver due to obesity and diabetes, alcohol abuse, and Hepatitis C are the most common causes of the liver cirrhosis. In adults, the bile ducts become inflamed, blocked, and scarred due to primary biliary cirrhosis. In babies, the bile duct blocks, which helps in carrying the bile formed in the liver to the intestines. This is caused due to biliary atresia.


Other causes of cirrhosis include reaction to any prescribed drug, parasitic infection, or prolonged exposure to environmental toxins. Our Savliv Drop helps in treating the patients suffering from liver cirrhosis. It is an herbal medicine that has no side effects. Our medicine is a herbomineral formulation and contains anti-oxidants that treat cirrhosis naturally.


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