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Hepatitis-C or Hep-C is the virus that infects the liver and causes inflammation. If a person gets infected with this virus, he or she will not be able to know it at an early stage as the liver does not show any symptoms earlier. Later on, problems like indigestion, fatty liver, jaundice, and various other liver problems arise after getting infected with the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). There are two types of hepatitis C: acute and chronic. The symptoms of acute hepatitis C quickly sets in whereas the chronic hepatitis C develops the symptoms over a period of months or years. Thus, the symptoms are not revealed at first. Hepatitis A and B have vaccination but hepatitis C has none. Also, it is highly contagious.


Harshul Ayur Pharma has developed an herbal medicine for the treatment Hep C, named savliv drops. It treats the patients naturally without causing any harm to the body. Apart from treating hepatitis C, our medicine is useful in treating all kinds of hepatitis such as A, B, C, E etc. The medicine works naturally and lowers the risk of liver diseases.


Our medicine is prepared using ingredients like Citrus medica, Sarjl, and Batari. It is helpful in treating liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disorder, ascites, anemia, marasmus– infants/children disease, fatty liver, jaundice, hepatitis etc. It also treats other ailments such as indigestion, loss of appetite, hyperacidity, calcium deficiency, weight loss, and others.

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