Natural Appetite Booster - SAVLIV Drops

Are you struggling with low appetite? You want to eat but do not have enough hunger or craving to eat anything? This is because you are losing your appetite which, as it has been observed in most of the cases, happens due to improper functioning of liver. Worry not! Harshul Ayur Pharma has come up with a very good and natural appetite booster, SAVLIV drops, which indeed is an Ayurvedic formulation for treating liver disorders. Due to hepatoprotective properties of SAVLIV, its intake ensures proper functioning of liver which inadvertently sorts out issues related to low appetite. Being completely Ayurvedic, SAVLIV does not have any side effect and is absolutely safe for long term use. Intake of food is highly important to give proper nutrients to your body. If you do not have a good and healthy meal, you may suffer from various issues and illnesses. To avoid that, you can try this natural appetite booster offered by us. 


Common causes of loss of Appetite:

The most common cause for loss of appetite is improper functioning of liver. When liver, due to various reasons is not able to produce enough digestive juices (slow/no production of bile), the food is not able to get digested. Consequently the food remains in the body for longer time than required and start getting rotten. This rotten food is not able to be consumed/come by/out of the body as it has neither been digested nor converted in to the waste. This food causes constipation/non clearance of bowels which invariably leads to indigestion and further to loss of appetite. A proper functioning of Liver is must for ensuring proper digestion of food, cleaning of the bowels and thus ensuring a good appetite. Various viral infections are also responsible for the loss of appetite as they cause slowing down of the functioning of liver which further leads to indigestion. Thus it can be brought out that one needs a healthy Liver with proper functioning to have a good appetite.

Why SAVLIV Drops as a Natural Appetite Booster?

The traditional herbo-mineral recipe of SAVLIV is a fast acting powerful hepatic stimulant. It increases the functional capacity of liver, accelerates cellular metabolic activity and promotes regeneration. It has been reported to bring remarkable improvement in appetite within 15-30 minutes of its administration, gain in body weight and enhance feeling of well-being in management of malnutrition.

The ingredients of the formulation are not new and have been used traditionally for preparation of Ayurvedic medicine since the days of Charaka and Sushuruta (roughly since 2000 BC). These ingredients have been reported to be useful in curing loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal dropsy, intestinal worms, mucus cough, asthma, sour bile and other ailments. They have also been found useful in enkindling of the digestive fire. Due to the high medicinal values of the ingredients of SAVLIV, it is one of the most effective option for appetite/digestion related problems. Further SAVLIV has following qualifications and properties which makes it unique in this field:-


  • SAVLIV is patented and has been tested for its efficacy, safety and high medicinal values through modern scientific researches and studies.
  • SAVLIV is free from synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, steroids, aflatoxins and contains no artificial flavor and colorant.
  • SAVLIV is rich in Polyphenols, Tannins and Flavnoids; which are powerful natural antioxidants, which help in reducing free radical stress in the body and removing toxins. 
  • The formulation has been proven safe for long term use.

Thousands of patients have been benefitted with SAVLIV Drops while negotiating the problem of loss of appetite. The formulation boosts up the liver functioning and thereby helps in maintaining good appetite. You must use this unique formulation to maintain a good appetite, a healthy liver and thus to ensure a healthy life.