Rupal Sedani

10 Jul, 2014

My brother was severely ill with Liver Cirrhosis due to consumption of alcohol. Due to his critical state the only option left to the doctors was the liver transplantation but that also seemed impossible as the patient was affected with severe Pneumonia also. The situation was becoming worse and my brother’s health was deteriorating.  My husband, on searching on internet, came across the website for SAVLIV DROPS for patients that had the same illness as my brother. We spoke to Shri Vimal Kumar in person and explained my brother’s condition in detail. Thereafter, he told us to start these drops in hot water 4 times a day because my brother had Pneumonia and by this time was in ICU. We did this and after a week we started seeing his bilirubin dropping. The change was remarkable and finally within a month his bilirubin had dropped to 9. This was a miracle and this could only happen because of the SAVLIV DROPS and our belief in the medicine.

At present, my brother is on no medication and only takes the SAVLIV DROPS.