Mr Amrendra Kumar

25 Sep, 2021

I would like to share my personal experience regarding SAVLIV – the medicine used for cirrhosis of liver. In this concern I wish to inform you that my daughter was suffering from hyper bilirubin since she was only 06 months old. We came to know that she had cirrhosis of liver after getting the report of liver biopsy. I contacted each and every senior doctor of all prestigious medical colleges and hospitals in Delhi, but nobody was in the position of giving a favourable response. Then I came to know about SAVLIV through internet and instantly ordered for the same. After 20 days of administration the medicine started showing the result and the bilirubin level came down. Gradually my daughter started walking and her condition started improving constantly. Today she is two and a half years old and is dependent on SAVLIV only. We can recommend this medicine blindly to anyone who is a patient of either jaundice or liver cirrhosis.