Dr Shilpa Patil

10 Aug, 2014

My mother Mrs Baya Bai Patil was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. After administing SAVLIV she started regaining  her health and weakness declined eventually. Loose motions were stopped on the very first day of SAVLIV drops’ intake and eventually no more complications as per motions encountered till date. Anti-oxidants present in the medicine proved effective on both ie Cirrhosis of Liver and Diabetes.  She could eat everything which is not advisable for a diabetic at all which proves that metabolic rate was getting stabilize. Her appetite was regained and no indigestion complains anymore. Immune response was drastically seen to be high…! After the intake of SAVLIV drops, within few days the above mentioned recovery was the proof because without immune system at work, no vital organ can perform to its best. Fibrosis result proves that Fibrosis/ Cirrhosis regress after intake of SAVLIV drops and no need to recheck further. She is back to life and is absolutely healthy now.