Junaid Ahmed

16 May, 2014

After one year of administration of SAVLIV Drops for my father for Liver Cirrhosis, I am happy to say that my father has made good progress in the Liver Functionality Test (LFT). I also want to tell you that when ultra sound report was done in 2013, my father’s spleen size was 16.5 cm and his current spleen size is 10.2 which is well within normal size. One more point here to make is that after taking SAVLIV Drops, his blood count has improved from 67000 to 78000/cu mm. You had told me that you would challenge that spleen size will reduce and improve and I must say that you and your SAVLIV drops have won this battle successfully. I am proud to say that this medicine is the FACT and IT WORKS. This is REAL and NO FALSE PROMISE.  Thanks again for everything.