Mr Arjun Kumar

05 May, 2010

My father was suffering from Jaundice and I got him admitted in Metro Hospital Noida. At the time of admission his bilirubin level was 24. After being admitted for nearly two months, when he got discharged from the hospital, his bilirubin level was 15. Though he was in conscious state but felt very weak. Luckily one day I came to know about Harshul Ayur Pharma and SAVLIV through internet. I ordered for a one month course of the medicine and after administering it for just 10 days the bilirubin level of my father suddenly came down to 7. SAVLIV is a magical remedy for people suffering from jaundice or whose bilirubin level is increasing. Today the bilirubin level of my father is quite normal and he is living a healthy life. Thank you Harshul Ayur Pharma.