Mr Tikam Singh

23 Dec, 2010

My father Shri Gidham Singh suffered from Jaundice in February 2010, because of which his liver started shrinking. I had taken him to a hospital in Noida where he was admitted in ICU for three days and fluids from his stomach were taken out. Later on when he was admitted in the general ward, his mental balance started getting disturbed because of increase of Ammonia in the body. As per the doctors his liver had been inactive and was affected by 85%. Doctors were not able to give him any medicine to reduce Ammonia as it would have affected the liver further and could have even led  to the  state of comma. My younger sister started searching on internet and came across SAVLIV, a product of Harshul Ayur pharma. I spoke to Shri Vimal Kumar myself who told me to administer 08-10 drops of SAVLIV in the morning and evening on my father in half cup of water. On the first day of administration, by about 02 O Clock in the night, my father started regaining his mental balance. My father is regularly taking this medicine since then, is fairly healthy now. I got the ultrasound done for my father and it was reported that his liver was working fine. My father is in normal state now and is dependent only on SAVLIV.