Anjani Kumar Jha

21 Nov, 2021

   I had suffered from Jaundice in year 1991 (while I was posted in Assam as an engineer in a PSU)and the bilirubin had soared up to 15. Resultantly I was out of action for about 36 days. After getting posted to Delhi in year 1996, I consulted many doctors but could not get any relief. In July 2019 the situation became worse when I was told by one of the top doctors of Delhi that I was suffering from Liver Chirrosis Stage 1. My tratment for the Liver Cirrhosis started in one of the best hospitals of our country as almost all the parameters of the LFT were abnormal. With the medication of 3 months the Fibro Scan parameters improved but still were well outside the permissible limits.

   I came to know about Harshul Ayur Pharma, Late Shri Vimal Kumar and his innovation SAVLIV for the liver treatment, through one of my collegues in Assam and the Internet. I started taking SAVLIV on 05 Jun 21 and after about 20 days complained to the company officials that I was not having any positive effect. The company officials Suggested me to get a LFT done after having SAVLIV continously for another 30 days. 

   I got my LFT done on 15 August 21, after about 70 days of taking SAVLIV regularly and got a shock of my life..... all parameters were well with in the limits except very little deviation in conjugated birilubin (which I am sure would be alright too, as I have planned not to discontinue SAVLIV, as I have spoken to many people who are taking it). U can even moderate the dosage as per your individual requirements as it does not have a side effect. 

   My dear brothers and sisters, please donot think again and start taking this life saving drop. I wish all the success to the Harshul Ayur Pharma in future.