Deepa Johnson

10 Feb, 2022

My husband, aged 55, was suffering from fatty liver and he was in a very bad state due to the disease. As we are from Rudrapur, I had taken him to various doctors in the town but there was no improvement in his state. In the month of April 2021, somebody told me about Shri Vimal Kumar of Harshul Ayur Pharma of Ramnagar. We had to hire a vehicle to take my husband to Ramnagar and as he was not able to walk himself, two of his friends had to assist him while moving inside/ coming out of vehicle. When I met Shri Vimal kumar ji and showed all the reports of my husband to him, he gave me SAVLIV for one month for him and assured me that when he comes next time to take medicine, he will be able to walk and would come on his own. Just after seven days of taking SAVLIV there was a marked improvement in the state of my husband. As Shri Vimal Ji had assured me, he started walking on his own with in a month and started doing his normal duties. It has been close to one year now, my husband is taking SAVLIV regularly and is absolutely normal now. I am very thankful to Shri Vimal Ji and Harshul Ayur Pharma for their support. Thank you.