Treatment for alcoholic liver diseases : SAVLIV Drops


Consumption of excessive alcohol might lead to various alcoholic liver diseases such as accumulation of fats around liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice and to some extent liver cancer. These medical complications, if not treated in a proper manner could be fatal for a person. Often regarded as the largest organ of the human body, the liver performs a variety of functions from purifying the blood to enhancing the digestive system. Disturbed functioning of liver would affect the functioning of entire human body.

The signs of liver damage are not noticeable in an early stage. However, few indicators such as abdominal pain, reduced appetite, excessive weight loss, hint at liver damage. Consumption of alcohol would trigger in the process of liver damage. Few symptoms of alcoholic liver disease might include itchy skin, Edema, jaundice, increase in fatigue, loss of appetite etc.

There are four sorts of alcoholic liver disease-. fatty liver disease due to alcohol , hepatitis due to excessive alcohol, fibrosis and cirrhosis. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment might help in reducing these complications. There are few natural ways which can enhance the overall health of the liver. Once diagnosed with alcoholic liver disease, one might abstain himself from the consumption of alcohol.

Eating healthy and a balanced diet that include fresh fruits and vegetables also helps in improving the health of the liver. Devoting some time for physical activities also aid in this process.

When it comes to an Ayurvedic medicine for treating alcoholic liver diseases, SAVLIV Drops turn out to be the best option. A conventional and Ayurvedic recipe made from essential herbs and minerals, SAVLIV drops act as a stimulant in increasing the overall functioning of the liver. It also promotes cellular metabolism and triggers the regeneration of the liver cells.

Due to hepatoprotective effect of this herbo-mineral formulation, and the presence of antioxidants, SAVLIV drops can be considered as a capable therapeutic agent in treating alcoholic liver ailments. SAVLIV drops has been brought to you after extensive research on toxicology and hepatitis disorders, so there are no side-effects of this Ayurvedic herbal tonic as such.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Harshul Ayur Pharma and know more about SAVLIV Drops and enhance your liver health.